Deep Energy Retrofit

Verdae, LLC oversaw the deep energy retrofitting of three buildings.  We selected three homes that were old and leaky, then rebuilt the exterior of the homes to high performance standards.  On all three homes, we placed two layers of two inch Dow polyisocyanurate Tuff-R insulation on the walls.  We installed new windows and new siding.  On two of the homes we also created built up roofs, again using the Dow Tuff-R insulation in layers.  The DER was successful, and the residents are very happy with the results.  Verdae, LLC has provided this section to offer insights into the work we did, how we did it and highlight the lessons we have learned.  It is our desire to increase the number of homes and commercial buildings that undergo the DER process and think the information contained here will be of help.

DER Training Modules

The DER Process



Installing the Window




Lessons Learned