Cottekill Home

Background Information:

Manna Jo Greene is the Environmental Director for Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Councilwoman on Rosendale Town Board, and founder of the Hudson Valley Sustainable Communities Network. She was formerly the Recycling Coordinator/Educator for Ulster County, and a Registered Critical Care Nurse since 1976. Greene is a lifelong environmental professional and community activist.


She is currently an Editor to the Hudson Valley GREEN Times, serves on the SHV Green Building & Renewable Energy Working Group, the Hudson Valley Biodiesel group and is active in numerous civic organizations.  Manna has chaired the Rosendale Environmental Commission, served on the Hudson Valley Materials Exchange, Hudson Valley Regional Packaging Task Force, the NY State Battery Task Force and the NYS Roundtable for Consensus on Tire Management and for five years hosted a weekly environmental call-in radio show.  Modeling green building and landscaping practices, she built a solar-powered Sustainable Living Resource Center to house a large collection of resources on a variety of sustainability related topics and wrote a grant for NYSERDA funding to install a 10 kW  solar system at the Rosendale Recreation Center. As a sustainability educator, Greene teaches communities how to balance environmental preservation, economic prosperity, and social equity using effective communication.


Over the years Manna Jo Greene has been very busy with the all of these projects that she has put off doing updates to her own home. Manna Jo Greene lives in a four bedroom Cape Cod built in 1945, where she raised her family. Manna Jo Greene is trying to get to a point of readiness, and prepare her home for the future. Manna is planning on retiring in the near future and does not want astronomical bills to be a burden.


This leads Manna Jo Greene to her next endeavor. Finally remodeling her home has surfaced as being more important than all other activities. Manna Jo Greene has decided to do a Deep Energy Retrofit to her home. With the help of Verdae Manna will recreate many aspects of her home. One of the aspects that this Deep Energy retrofit will address are the thermal and air tightness of the home. Insulation of the basement walls contributes not only to energy savings but to improved indoor air quality. The exterior wall insulation is also a very big part of the Deep Energy Retrofit. The improvements that are going to be addressed are projected to reduce energy use by a significant amount.



Here I would like to describe each and every aspect of what we are doing to Manna Jo Greenes home. This is where i think the “engineering edge” will come into play. With the beginning part, you want to draw the attention and give the background. I know you wanted to create a story, and something to draw attention to it. I think the next time we meet with Manna we can get more in-depth about the materials we will be using, exactly what parts of the home we are doing, and I can set up the pictures along side each of these design aspects.



Cottekill House heating loads pre-improvement

The energy audit performed by Energy Experts prior to the DER work calculated the heating load. There is currently no cooling equipment.


CottekillHouse heating loads projected post improvement

The projected heating loads after the DER work, based on the energy audit.


CottekillHouse Audit Report

The TREAT audit report created by Energy Experts


Cottekill House improvement package

The TREAT created improvement package based on the energy audit performed by Energy Experts. This is a stock form specific to the New York State Green Jobs/Green New York program.


Cottekill House Report

This report provides detailed explanation of how we performed the DER, what it cost, and what lessons were learned.